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North Conway Water Precinct/Fire Department

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The North Conway Water Precinct is proposing a new fire station to replace its existing Fire Station, located in the heart of North Conway Village.

The existing station was built in 1960 and no longer meets the health, safety, and space requirement needed to accommodate the significant development within the Precinct's fire service area and modern firefighter protections.

Chief Pat Preece explains to Commissioner Suzanne Nelson the need for a proper decontamination area in the new station:

An important goal of the new design will be to meet the needs of a modern firefighting facility while creating a building that will uphold the historic character of North Conway Village. The station is an integral part of Norcross Circle and the Precinct has conducted studies to confirm that its current location is the best site for the new station to be built.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in both career and non-career firefighters.

The ways in which fire is fought have undergone many changes over the years. The changes in the composition of building construction materials has contributed to these changes along with a relatively recent awareness of the incidence of job related cancers found amongst fire fighters [PDF file]. The trucks and equipment have evolved, the gear has evolved and the stations themselves are now being constructed very differently as a result. The current station promotes cancer. The newest laws state the Precinct could be liable for not providing a safe workplace.

Chief Preece and Allan Clark explain the current legislation involving cancer amongst fire fighters:

The North Conway Fire Department responds to approximately 1200 calls annually and during the high tourist season, North Conway is visited by 10,000 people each week. The Fire Department devotes itself to keeping the Precinct safe and they will be able to do that even more effectively in the new station.

Current Station Issues

Station Restroom/Decontamination


Modern fire stations separate spaces based on a 'clean' areas and 'dirty' areas within the building. The clean side includes areas such as all offices, dispatch, locker room, training room and living spaces. The dirty side is used when firefighters return from a call and have possibly been exposed to dangerous substances. These spaces are called decontamination areas, they include showers, restrooms and special laundry machines that can decontaminate the turn out gear worn by the firefighters.

The HVAC systems in modern fire stations isolate these contaminated particulates from the rest of the building. Modern stations direct their firefighters into the dirty side upon return from a call where they decontaminate both their gear and their bodies. Currently the firefighters have to clean their gear in a room which is not isolated from the apparatus bay or any other spaces and is a shared space with their workshop.

Chief Preece explains how the gear and fire fighters are exposed to diesel fumes and off gassing. This issue would be corrected in the new station making a healthier workplace for all of the staff:

Tight Space

The current square footage of the building is inadequate for the size and number of apparatus the Precinct uses. An average sized person barely fits between the trucks, which have to be arranged very closely side by side and in front of other vehicles in order to fit. You can see the bunker gear is hung on the wall in the apparatus bay where it gets re-exposed to exhaust because there is nowhere else to store it. Modern fire stations store, the very valuable gear, in a 'clean' locker room.

NCWP Tight Space NCWP Tight Space NCWP Tight Space NCWP Tight Space NCWP Tight Space NCWP Tight Space



These are two separate employees that both require use of phone and radio. When both are working at the same time it is very difficult to hear if the other person is also on a call.


The current staff kitchen also serves as the breakroom, office for the assistant chief and training room. Firefighters are required to complete scheduled training and not everyone can fit into the same room when the chairs and tables are set up for trainings.

Training/Breakroom Training/Breakroom Training/Breakroom

Basement stairs

Basement stairs

Not to code, commonly called 'ship ladder', the stairs are very steep.

New Station Design

Front View:
New Station Design - Front View

North Elevation Perspective:
New Station Design - North Elevation Perspective

West Trackside Perspective:
New Station Design - West Trackside Perspective

South Golf Course Perspective:
South Golf Course Perspective

Floor Plans

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First Flooor Plan:
First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan:
Second Floor Plan

Basement Floor Plan:
Basement Floor Plan

Chief Preece explains how Norcross Circle was chosen for the site of the new station:

Project Timeline/Budget

TimelineAnnual Meeting June 6
Demolition Starts July 13
Ricci Construction Company was hired as the Construction Manager and work has begun
June 15, 2021 Completion
The tax impact is anticipated to be approximately $53 per $100,000 valuation

Project Budget

Commissioner Nelson and Chief Preece discuss the project budget and the factors that have influenced it:

Project Team

Samyn-D'Elia ArchitectsArchitects
Project Managers: REI Service CorporationProject Managers
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